eAudios, eBooks, downloadables, streaming……Technology and formats are changing daily. The public library, formerly a home for just print books, newspapers and magazines, has found its way into the digital marketplace. Questions abound about new services and formats. We hope you find some answers here!

Please note that the Derry Public Library guarantees the confidentiality of your library account per RSA 201-D:11 as it applies to our automated library system and services we provide directly.  However, you are not guaranteed privacy through third party downloadable services such as Overdrive, cloudLibrary, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Read on for answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an audiobook?

What is an eBook?

Are all books available in audiobook or eBook format?

How does the library lend out downloadables?

What is DRM?

What software platform does the library use to lend downloadables?

What is Overdrive?

What is the cloudLibrary?

What is Comics Plus?

What kinds of books can I borrow?

How do I find the eAudios and eBooks Derry patrons can borrow?

What devices work with digital content?

What do I need to get started?

How can I get help?

How many items can I check out at once?

How long can I keep my eAudio?

How long can I keep my eBook?

Can I renew downloadable books and audios?

Can I place a hold on a title if it’s checked out?

What is an audiobook?  An audiobook plays the voice of someone reading a book aloud, or the voices of several readers taking different parts, as in a play, so you can listen.  There are various formats for audiobooks: books on CD, books on MP3 CD (more data fits on each disk, but these cannot be played on all CD players), Play-Aways (pre-loaded MP3 players), and downloadable eAudios.  Downloadable eAudios can be listened to on PCs, MP3 players, iPods, tablets, smartphones, etc.

What is an eBook?  An eBook, or electronic book, is a digital file that can be downloaded or streamed, then read on a PC, a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, iPad, etc.) or an electronic book reader (NOOK, Kindle, Kobo, etc.)

Are all books available in eAudio or eBook format?  No.  Not all published books have an eAudio or eBook counterpart.  Sometimes individual titles are not digitized.  Sometimes publishers refuse to sell their digitized books to libraries.

How does the library lend out downloadables?  Libraries need to subscribe to special software platforms in order to lend downloadables.  At the moment there are a variety of platforms available, and each one is different from the user’s perspective, and with respect to device and publisher participation.  Yes, it’s confusing and still changing.

What is DRM?  DRM or Digital Rights Management is software used by publishers and copyright holders to control or limit the use of digital content after sale.  All downloadables are controlled by DRM.

What software platform does the library use to lend downloadables?  We currently subscribe to three different platforms, Overdrive, cloudLibrary and Comics Plus.  Each platform offers separate eBook and eAudio collections.

What is Overdrive?  Overdrive is the software that provides NH public library card holders access to downloadable eAudios, eBooks and eMagazines through the NH Downloadable Books Consortium.  Participating libraries pay an annual fee to purchase titles and provide access for their patrons.  To use this service, patrons sign in to the Overdrive website or the Libby app to browse the holdings, check items in and out, and place holds.

What is cloudLibrary?  cloudLibrary is another software that provides access to downloadable eAudios and eBooks for card holders from GMILCS member libraries.  cloudLibrary software is completely integrated with our online catalog, so patrons can manage all borrowing within our catalog.

What is Comics Plus?  Comics Plus is a platform that provides unlimited access to thousands of digital comics, graphic novels and manga. Create an account and sign in using the free LibraryPass app.

What kinds of books can I borrow?  Our downloadable collections have books for children, teens and adults, including fiction and nonfiction, picture books, easy readers, biographies, comics, graphic novels and manga.

How do I find the eAudios and eBooks Derry patrons can borrow?  Titles we have access to using Libby or cloudLibrary are listed in our online catalog. Go to our website and click on the Catalog button over to the right.  You can limit your search results to show just audiobooks on CD, just eAudiobooks or just eBooks.  Downloadable titles can be checked in/out and placed on hold from within our catalog.  Alternatively, visit the Overdrive website; or use Overdrive’s Libby, bibliotheca’s cloudLibrary app or Comics Plus LibraryPass app to browse titles and check them out.

What devices work with digital content?  The list of devices that work with each service is long and growing, and not the same for every platforms.  All titles can be downloaded to a PC or MAC and listened to/read from there.  Some can be transferred to a tethered device like a NOOK or Kindle.  Most titles can also be downloaded directly to mobile devices by installing the appropriate app.  Check our Devices page for more information.

What do I need to get started?  You need a valid Derry Public Library card and a 4 digit PIN.

How can I get help?  For general help, look through the pages of this blog.  For Overdrive troubleshooting visit the NH Downloadable Books blog. For more information about the cloudLibrary visit their Support page.  You can also email DPL reference staff at derrylib@derrypl.org or call the library at 603-432-6140 for help.

How many items can I check out at once?  You can check out three titles from Overdrive and six titles from cloudLibrary at once. Comics Plus has unlimited checkouts.

How long can I keep my eAudio?  Overdrive eAudios can be checked out for 7 days; cloudLibrary eAudios can be checked out for 14 days. Comics Plus has no limits.

How long can I keep my eBook?  eBooks can be checked out for 14 days. Comics Plus offers unlimited borrowing.

Can I renew downloadables?  Both Overdrive and cloudLibrary titles can be renewed once if no one else is waiting for that title.  Regardless of which platform you’re using (Overdrive or cloudLibrary), DRM will automatically “return” your books on time for you.

Can I place a hold on a title if it’s checked out?  Yes, you can place up to 5 holds in Libby and cloudLibrary.  You will be notified by email when your hold is ready.  cloudLibrary gives you 48 hours to download it; Overdrive automatically checks it out to you unless you uncheck the box saying “Automatically borrow this title when it becomes available” when you place your hold. All Comics Plus titles are available 24/7.

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